Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Round 1 goes to me dumb booking clerk

So maybe I don't have the most glamorous job ever, but it does present me with a ton of fun stories that I thought I would share.

Some background? I work 3 jobs. I am a wife, mother, friend, co-worker, employee and general witch with a capital B most days. But sometimes, just sometimes, other people worm their way into what I like to call my "bubble". My bubble is a sacred place. On good days, my kid, my husband and my best friend are allowed to live in my bubble. Most people annoy the hell outta me just for their sheer stupidity, but sometimes, they surprise me. Today was one of those days.

I guess from the title of this blog you can gather that I sometimes work in the ER. The ER I sometimes work in is the second busiest Emergency Room in the area that I live in. That's job #1. I am a casual employee at this hospital, and I don't just work in the ER, but throughout the entire hospital. Job #2 is casual again, but this time it's for an out-patient clinic for patients suffering from Cancer. Job #3 is also casual, and is also for an out-patient clinic for patients with Cancer, but in a different city than job #2. All 3 jobs equal abut full time work, which means I can pay my bills, feed my family, etc. Hubby also works full time in case you care. Still with me? Great.

So today I was at job #2. A doctor had requested that a test be done on a patient at a specific hospital in a very specific time frame. Like the good worker bee that I am, I filled out the required forms, indicated the date I wanted, checked the computer to ensure I couldn't use one of our designated slots from said specific hospital and when I couldn't find a spot within the very specific time frame the doctor asked for, I faxed said required form over to the hospital. 

Fast forward 2 hours. I get the fax back with a big note on it saying to use one of our designated spots. So instead of faxing back and forth with she who shall henceforth be called dumb booking clerk, I picked up the phone and called her. First, dumb booking clerk tells me I haven't filled in the form correctly. Nope, I double checked that already. Second, she tells me I have to use one of our slots. Can't do that I said. There are no open slots in the time frame that the doctor wants the test done in. Dumb booking clerk (DBC) then proceeds to tell me that it therefore can't be done. Can't be done? Are you kidding me? This is a test to determine if a patients CANCER has progressed. And you're telling me it can't be done? 

So I did what all good worker bees do. I checked with the doctor to see if we could have the test run at another hospital. Nope. Patient is elderly, lives nearest to the hospital we requested in the first place, and must be done in the very specific time frame as requested. So I placed another call. This time, I bypassed DBC all together and went straight to the head of the department. 5 minutes later, test was booked. I was assured that DBC was wrong, and most likely just being lazy and not wanting to look for another slot for us. 

I am back at job #2 again tomorrow, and fully expect to have a fun filled voicemail from DBC asking why I went above her to get this booked. I'll tell you the same thing I will tell her. Because I don't like stupid people in my bubble.

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