Monday, 19 November 2012

Another day... Another reason to stay inside

So I went to work today. I know that this is not a big shocker, as I tend to go to work almost every single day. The difference with today was that I was going to job #3, the one worksite that I don't get to go to as often as I'd like, and with some of the best group of people to work with you could ever imagine. Only today? None of those fabulous co-workers were there. Co-worker #1 had called in sick, co-worker #2 was on leave, and co-worker #3 was on vacation. So instead of having a rocking good day, filled with laughter and smiles, and people who really get me and enjoy my warped sense of humour, I had no one to laugh with. No one to complain to, and no one to have lunch with. I almost felt like I had been returned to high school. You know the days when all your friends got to ditch, but your parents weren't cool enough to let you ditch, so you had to go and walk the halls, all alone all day? Ya, it kinda felt like that. But I get to go back tomorrow, and I know tht co-worker #1 will be back for sure! So bring it on Tuesday, I am ready for you!

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